Monday, June 30, 2008

Questions most asked of me...

When I am in Alaska there is a question I am asked most often. It happens several times a day. It is asked from each of my students. It's asked sometimes on the upwards of 20 times in one day. The question most asked is... "when is break?"

There is another question that I am asked most often when I am here in California though. It's asked by staff in my dentist's office, by friends of friends, by waxers, by hairstylists, by... essentially everyone I am introduced to. The question most asked is then followed by another 20 questions all basically reiterations of the first question. The question most asked is... "Alaska? What made you move to Alaska?"

And the thing is... the question is not all that great of one to answer. Why does anyone choose to live in any place? If I lived in Nebraska and visiting California in the summer... would I get the same question?

Nebraska?!! What made you move to Nebraska?!!


So... here... in writing, I'll attempt to answer this question. Not the what made me move to Alaska but the why do I still live in Alaska and spend my summers in California question. And I'll do so in list form. In no order of importance, I live in village Alaska during the school year and then Northern California during the summer because...

* I have six students
* My students are bilingual
* I commute by foot to work
* I travel guilt-free
* I get to be there for students' first roller coaster rides
* I get to hear phone messages that are nearly indecipherable with excitement
* I have friends who think summer officially starts with me coming "home"
* I get to read myspace messages like this, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! CHRISTINA!!!!!!!! i will start packing as soon as i going home tommorow. im at going to be so excited when i see you...AAAAAAAHHHHHH!! hehe i cant wait.."
* I get to travel to San Francisco twice this summer to introduce others to things like Pier 39 and Lombard St.

* I can buy organic fruits and vegetables and cheeses at the farmer's market cause I'm in town... and it's special
* I can fish for big 'ole fish

* I can fish for lil fish
* I can spend the day with Michelle looking at "wedding hair and makeup" options

* I can wear jeans and no make up to work every day
* I can take a helicopter to robotics and/or prom

* I can impulse spend $100 on a George Michael concert

* I can enjoy easter, christmas, v-day, mother's day, thanksgiving, etc... small group
* I can host a read in and have kids read!

* I can spend ALL DAY doing this...
*or this...

* Or watching others do this...
* I can clean, cut, and eat caught fish

* I can see that Hong Kong Disneyland is similar to United States' Disneyland

* And also NOT similar...

* I can hang with an ex and keep him an ex... (seriously, the distance helps)
* I can go on a non-date (that feels suspiciously like a double date) and meet a great guy who I think I connect with, and yet am not going to pursue, all the while loving the lack of pressure because of the grand-escape-clause, "I don't live here"
* I can offer wii-time for students as a reward
* I can reward myself with wii-time with Nicole and Steph (as I did today) or with Amantha, Melina, Dee, and Naomi (as I did last week-- insert pictures Dee took while playing American Idol)
* I can ride my bike and call it exercise even though it really just feels like playing.
* I can reconnect with my nieces once a year... which allows me to really see the amazing maturity that a year can bring.
* I can blog in-list-form and know that no one knows every story behind every bullet but a whole lot of really cool people know some great stories are here behind the bullets.

The Oscarville Kids come into town tomorrow.  My "family" officially becomes a party of eleven in about 19 hours.


dz said...

I can't wait until the kids arrive. I LOVE this posting! You are so awesome. I will send you some action pics of you and American Idol to "insert here".

Erin said...

I think we have the best kids in the world and I'm looking forward to hearing about their trip to CA. Give them hugs for me (if they let you...they are teenagers after all). Do you have an American Idol game for the Wii? What other games do you have? I want to buy Guitar Hero...should I or do you already own it? Did you see that Aerosmith put out a special version of Guitar Hero?

Oh! Was that Chinace's myspace message? When I read it I totally had her voice in my head.

Christina. said...

Yeah Erin, that was SO Chinace! A "5" in voice but a "3" in conventions.

funky punk said...

I'm glad you were in AK for us to meet! You're one of those life-long-ers.

Seeing the PKA couple makes me miss Sara! I'm guessing you guys had a good time. :-) One pic looks like Alkatraz. I *heart* San Fran. ~xo~

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

I love your answers in why you choose Alaska:) You seem like a carefree, simple gal, that loves to teach, enjoy life etc... Way to go!