Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So some people have been emailing me asking where I disappeared to. And the thing is, I don't know if keeping a blog is a realistic thing for me. So much has happened. And yet... nothing... really. I mean what constitutes blog worthy? Things I have pictures for? That has been my modus operandi up until now.

But I don't have new pictures.

I have been camera lazy.

So... here... is a list of what I've done since I left China.

*a couple of naps that lasted from 1100am to 8pm
*several pre 600am wake ups
*Saw "Phantom of the Opera"
*reconnected with my Aunt, Diana
*a gym membership
*water aerobics
*tai chi
*bought two new (inexpensive) bikes
*Nim's Island (okay)
*The Hulk (good)
*IronMan (better)
*Made of Honor (so lame)
*Sex and the City (twice!)
*Starbucks meeting with Marc (Michelle's fiance)
*bought lingerie for someone else
*Michelle's bridal shower
*mimosas at Dorena's
*lunch at La Bonne Soupe Cafe (delish!)
*visit to the Farmer's Market where I bought cheese curds
*Saw George Michael in concert
*learned the lyrics to "Turn a Different Corner" how did I not know this song before?
*fell in love again with "Careless Whisper" and "Everything She Wants"
*connected to "One More Try"... more than the first time.
*bought the new Alanis Morissette CD... love "Not as We"
*bought the new Jewel... was she ever NOT country?
*taught my nieces to play "Risk"
*got a few wii games
*wrote an email I'll probably regret sending
*asked for time off in September
*spent some time on after hearing about George Carlin
*got a library card
*printed assignments for my nieces' new library books
*remembered why I love Jamba Juice
*started reading "He's Just Not That Into You" at the gym... good motivation
*bought a new poetry book ("Never Night") from an old teacher
*fell out of love... finally
*gave and received a mess of love and attention from Bailey
*had a business meeting with family
*committed to the ownership of 800 acres of land in my favorite place in the world
*myspace connected to a relative I hardly know and a friend I lost contact with a decade ago
*bought my books for my art class in Juneau
*bought an ipod for my dad for father's day
*bought a region-free DVD player for my mom for her birthday
*itunes purchased Flobot's "Handlebars"... love it!
*went to a family dinner at Far East Cafe
*turned down the opportunity to hang with three single guys to hang with three single girls

I could extended blog on any of these things. But who has the time? I am going out on a boat on Folsom Lake today. Might fish. Might tube. And tomorrow... I'll bike ride the American River. Friday plans? Babysitting Aiden. Saturday? Michelle, Marc, Jonathan, and I are going to Dave and Buster's.

And then come Thursday... (here's the updated itinerary)

July 3, Thursday Pick up kids (8:00pm)
July 4, Friday Celebrate 4th--Cal Expo and/or Nicole’s front yard
July 5, Saturday Sound of Music at the Music Circus @ 2:00
July 6, Sunday Folsom boat ride (if is OK with Kellie)… picnic @ Gibson Ranch
July 7, Monday Big Trees picnic, Mercer Caverns on the way
July 8, Tuesday State Capitol building tour, Old Sac
July 9/10 W/Th Little Canyon Creek, Mc Mahon Mine, Downieville—
(overnight in hotel to Citrus Heights late Thursday)
July 11, Friday Mellow day...Open
July 12, Saturday Santa Cruz beach boardwalk—roller coasters and the ocean
(stay overnight in hotel)
July 13, Sunday SF - China Town, Exploratorium, maybe Zoo, Pier 39
July 14, Monday Mellow day, get ready for NM trip
July 15, Tuesday Drive to Barstow overnight
July 16, Wednesday Las Vegas overnight
July 17, Thursday Las Vegas overnight
July 18, Friday Drive to Williams, see Grand Canyon, overnight in Williams
July 19, Saturday Cowboy show, then on to Denise's house
July 20, Sunday Visit Denise (Christina’s sister) & Andy
July 21, Monday Say good bye to The Gutierrez then drive back to Needles/Barstow
July 22, Tuesday Home sweet home
July 23, Wednesday Mellow day; Jelly Belly (Christina & kids only?)
July 24, Thursday Packing! Last minute whatevers, Birthday Cake (for Christina’s Mom)
July 25, Friday Kids fly home happy! (Noon)
July 26, Saturday I fly to Juneau for the BASIC Arts Institute


funky punk said...

Of course you're staying busy... it's just how you roll. Thanks for the update. I might follow suit with the list idea as a blog post. Though, I don't have near as many things as you. Some items on your list gave the "shock & awe" effect. 800 acres, holy shit! I didn't know the fam. owned that much. I'm glad you're keeping it in the family though, always important. Though, you need to start spitting out bambinos to carry it on; better get started. Call up those 3 single guys you dissed.

love you! (kiss, kiss) ~C

P.S. We So need a phone conversation.

dz said...

You really did not know A Different Corner? If I recall correctly, it was the last song on the Edge of Heaven. That song and Careless Whisper were my favs at the concert. I did plug in my camera last night so you can add a picture here. I will email them to you tonight.

Dirk Martin said...

Wow, Great vacation, eh? You must have had a blast. Now I want to go. Well, I have always wanted to go, but NOW I really want to go. I think I would need 4 - 6 months. Nice update on the rest of your summer. See ya in the fall!

JB said...

Hey Cousin, LOVED this, especially the Mine and Downieville reports, AWESOME pics too, You & I share our favorite place ever, I love that. Be careful what you wish for --- It would be nice to have this trail all cleaned up for me. And shoot if they are willing to be free laborers… ;)--- you just may get it. Did you like the new signs and the beginning attempt at flagging the lines? We also worked on raking the camp area.
Enjoy the rest of your summer. I'm living vicariously through you & your students.

All the best, Jon