Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013--a return to the blog

Well... it's been a long while since I have blogged but it looks like this summer is shaping up to be a blog-worthy one.

First off, I am just wrapping up my first year as a site administrator in Akiuk and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  There really isn't a way for me to sum up everything so I'll just post a couple of pictures to distract you.

Akiuk School is August
Akiuk School in February
But here it is, as I said at the end of the year, and the pictures that represent my current days are these:
Summer is just around the corner and these are my plans: 

May 27-June 1 ANC for ASLI (Leadership Institute)
June 2-4 Akiuk to finish up close of school
June 5 fly to SMF
June 6 Dr. appointment at 10:30 and Vision appointment at 2:00 then dinner with Amantha
June 7-24 open
June 25   Tuesday         Welcome to California for Marilyn, Henry, Justin, Yago, Alaina, and Henrietta
June 26   Wednesday     Walmart/Costco/Drive In Movie (bring the KFC)
June 27   Thursday        Downieville
June 28   Friday             Downieville
June 29   Saturday         Sacramento Day To Be Arranged
June 30   Sunday           Santa Cruz
July 1      Monday          Jelly Belly Factory/minigolf
July 2      Tuesday         Tai Chi/Zoo/#1 Buffet/Hiking/Spaghetti Factory, Other?
July 3      Wednesday     S.F. Chinatown/Exploratorium/Land's End
July 4      Thursday        Folsom Lake Swimming/Fireworks
July 5      Friday            Calaveras Big Trees/California Caverns
July 6      Saturday         Chinese Dim Sum/IMAX/Biking
July 7      Sunday           Farmer's Market...Then, Drive to L.A.
July 8      Monday          Disneyland
July 9      Tuesday         Disney/California Adventure
July 10    Wednesday     California Adventure
July 11    Thursday        Universal Studios
July 12    Friday             Drive Home to watch Alcatraz Movies
July 13    Saturday         San Francisco--Pier 39/Alcatraz/Angel Island
July 14    Sunday           Sly Park Picnic
July 15    Monday           Packing/Laundry
July 16    Tuesday          Go Home Happy 
July 20 Bella Vista 20 year Reunion
July 22 Fly to ANC
July 23-26 (or 24-27) Hike Crow's Pass
July 29-Aug 2 DLE training in ANC
Aug 3-5 in Akiuk
Aug 6-7 SA in-service in BET
Aug 8 in Akiuk
Aug 9 DW VTC
Aug 10 Site Inservice
Aug 12 Workday in Akiuk
Aug 13 First day of school in Akiuk

It'll be busy... but a good summertime busy.