Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning meeting in Oscarville

Every morning from 8:30-8:45 Oscarville have the entire school community gather around our lunch table. The staff takes turns each week talking about one of the Yupik Cultural Life Skills (components of Yuuyaraq). At the end of the talk the students recite a pledge with appropriate hand gestures. This morning, on the last day of school, I took some video. Leading us today is those members who will be in High School next year. Well... the ones who showed up before 8:45 this morning.

Feel free to follow along in your daily Yupik Eskimo Language lesson...

Wangkuta elisngaukut.
(We are smart)

Taigukut elicarturluta, ikayuutaaryarturluta-llu.
(We come here to learn and to help others)

Maani assikuciqukut pingnatugciiqukut-llu.
(We will be kind and strong here)

Caliciqukut assircaarluta, murilkelluta, niicugniluta, elilluta-llu.
(We will work hard, pay attention, listen, and learn)

Watnaukut ciuliaput umyuaqluki wangkutnek-llu.
(Above all else, we think about others and ourselves here)


chinace said...

can u see that i was mixed up during our pledge? funny. i was doing the eye thingy and i got mixed up. i like the video =]

funky punk said...

Do they say that Every morning?

Christina. said...

Yeah... every day. Monday through Friday. There are 18 values (humor through humility). One value a week. We go through them twice in a year.

Shibby said...

Wow, that is really cool.

Makes me wonder what "Morning Meeting" in Nunap would be like...oh wait, I can probably tell you exactly what it would be like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, my name is Christina Powers as well and I live in Brooksville Florida, I am also in my 30's , 31 to be exact:) I have a Uncle who lives in Anchorage Alaska and that is where my parents were married. I really enjoy your blog and hope we can be friends like pen pals on our blogs:)
Christina Powers

Anonymous said...
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