Wednesday, November 5, 2008

quickie break from the summer

I'll get back to the posts about the summer again, I promise.  

After sending in a request for an absentee ballot, and then not getting mail in Oscarville for over a month, I was finally able to vote.  Last Friday... five days before the general election, I was able to snowgo up to Bethel to drop off my ballot at the Post Office.  I am officially one of those 40,000 absentee voters in Alaska.  

Here's the headlining news this morning...

Some of that makes me very happy.  Some of that makes me want to drop kick half of the general voting public in Alaska and California over to our sneaky neighbors in Russia.


Shibby said...

Seriously, WTF?

Good thing we have our maverick reformer Governess coming back to remaverickize and reformer this great energy producing state back into shape, thanks-but-no-thanks, you betcha!

On the bright side, being able to see Russia from here, it'll be easy to boot those #%$(^@ers over.

alisha said...

YAY! a new post...Does this mean you'll be writing again? I always like reading what you have to say from the village. I dont know if I've commented before, but I've been a reader for a long time and have your blog on my blogroll. Hope things are good for you over in Oscarville. you are in oscarville, right?

funky punk said...

hehehe.... Now Shibby's still on a high yesterday's news. :-D

I'm glad you finally made a new post. Don't feel like you have to tell us your life play by play. Just start from now. Notice, I had an entry in July & then not another one in Sept. That's just my style, I guess. ;-)

Lavv'aq said...

Hey christina... what airlines had you guys used for the juniour high to go to disney world. cause there is a whole senior trip that would be leaving to disney land this coming spring and i am one of them. But, i just was curious if u can however, show me the better airfare to disneyland California.