Monday, August 11, 2008

Road Trip: Day Five (goodbye hole, hello Gutierrez)

July 19th we left the Grand Canyon area and drove to New Mexico.  It was time to drop off my three nieces with my sister (and brother in law) and end the summer romance for two of them.  We would become a much smaller party of eight soon.

Early that morning there was a Cowboy Show that some of us were motivated enough to wake up for. Those who did attend enjoyed it. It was a pretty funny show and once it was over you got a chance to have your picture taken with the cast. Here's Nicole and Patrick with the sheriff.

After the cast pictures were taken Nicole and Patrick then found their way to the horses. There was a request for horseback riding from day one and we'd been trying hard to make it happen. Spending $50 a person for a guided tour or something was NOT something we were ready to splurge on but certainly we must know someone!

After the show I took a quick one-hour nap while everyone else watched an hour or so of TV before heading back to the road. We stopped only once on the way to New Mexico and that was to grab a meal at the Golden Corral.

But then it was back in the car. The weather was turning from painfully hot to occasionally raining. It made for a pretty rainbow a few times.

But mostly we were just starting to get stir-crazy from the road.

It was a great relief to get to the Gutierrez' place where there was plenty enough room for everyone to spread out and get into their own things.

They also have a bunch of animals that helped to entertain those who were sort of "done" with people but not really ready for an independent brain game either.


dz said...

Yay! I am so happy to see you are catching up! I love all of the pictures and posts from the road trip. Have a safe trip back tot he village and keep up the marathon posts!

hey ppl said...

hey, boy i wish i was there because it lookes like a lot of fun. hope someday i would be able to go places my self and see the world with a friend or two.

Lavv'aq said...

so long your stories are. plus they are entertaining and fun. most of all, its amazing, second of all its awsome, and third of all it's quite fun to read. These are great stories. Keep it up. these stories are all better than good. well talk to you sometime. later

Nicole said...

i remember playing rock band only if you've had taken a picture of that.