Thursday, July 17, 2008

Awesome artists' art everywhere the eye can explore...

Sorry I have gotten WAY behind. It's now Thursday and I am in a hotel room in Las Vegas while five teens are swimming at the Circus Circus pool and the other three (don't you just hate growing from a girl to a young woman?) are visiting the Ethel M candy factory. I hope to get several posts done in one day here.

So... I last left off on Friday, July 11th. Friday gets to be remembered for being the day when we spent the least amount of money. At least that's how I think the adults will remember it. I think the under 20-year-olds (the had requested I NOT call them kids) will remember it for all of the beautiful indoor and outdoor art.

After I send the Oscarville students home, I will be heading to Juneau for a week-long art class. I have heard really great things about the immediately applicable projects that are presented here from other teachers with LKSD who have gone. Recently, I received an email from an instructor attempting to get to know the people who will be taking her class in Juneau. I replied with my blog address and an apology for not really having a whole lot of extra time right now. As it turns the guest instructor for the program, Sue Anne Foster, is a resident of Sacramento County. What a coincidence!

After some email-tag and switching around of our itinerary (it's been too hot for a day at the Capitol and Old Town Sacramento) we decided to get together for a potluck dinner at her beautiful home. Additionally she mentioned an artist friend of hers who lives in Citrus Heights that we could visit.

So we started off the day with a visit to Ann Bowns's home and backyard art studio. Water lovers that they are of course, the students were particularly interested in her koi pond.

Ann Bowns took some time showing us some of the media she has been experimenting with lately. The students loved her demonstration of the vibrant colors she uses and her ability to make and fix mistakes. She gave them each a free postcard with her work and the kids have been found pulling it out and admiring it in these days that followed the visit.

After we left we went back home and allowed for some much needed downtime.

I took Issa and Rissa to buy some swimming suits at Marshall's and then we met up with the whole group again for some make-your-own-lunch (mostly left over burritos fixings and cup of noodles). Issa got to try out her swimsuit right away when my dad took the group to Tempo Pool.

While they swam I was able to pick up a few things for the potluck dinner including some wonton skins that my mom then turned into wonton cookies. She did this cooking while I selfishly took a nap upstairs for an hour or so. Mom had been feeling pretty sick and had been dropping out of events here and there to save her energy for the larger upcoming events. The making of these cookies along with the dishes and laundry were enough to put her down for the night.

Now a party of ten, we went to Sue and Gary Foster's home for a nice outdoor dinner. Sue has several things in her home that appealed to our group. They asked me repeatedly if they could stay the night there. It seems labyrinths in gardens, assorted musical instruments, indoor starred ceilings, player pianos, tiki torch lamps, and exotic fish and birds far surpass air hockey tables and a wii with this group.

I think it was nice getting to have Sue Anne meet my students. Spending the evening with her certainly has made me look forward that much more to the class. At one point she expressed some frustrations about not being able to pack everything (sample of art, materials, etc) to Alaska for the class. All the AK Bush teacher-readers can certainly relate to that!

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