Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Summer plans

Okay... so this is more for me than you... but here's my plan for the summer...

May 22nd... school ends
May 25th... fly to anchorage
May 29th... fly from anchorage to san francisco
May 29th... fly from san fran to china
((insert very intense travel plans with the fam))
June 16th... fly from china to san fran then drive to sacramento
((insert some time for a deep breath, dinners, shopping, drinking, and so on... with friends))
July 3 Pick up kids
July 4 Celebrate 4th--Cal Expo and/or front yard
July 5 Music Circus tickets @2:00 Sound of Music
July 6 Gibson Ranch picnic
July 7 Big Trees picnic, see caves on the way
July 8 State Capitol building tour, Old Sac
July 9 Tai Chi class (7:00 AM), Discovery Kingdom (formerly Marine World)
July 10-11 Little Canyon Creek, Downieville, to Citrus Heights late Friday
July 12 Folsom boat ride, Picnic (if is OK with Kellie)
July 13 Santa Cruz, stay overnight
July 14 San Francisco, Exploratorium, maybe killer tiger zoo
July 15 Mellow day, get ready for NM trip
July 16 Drive to Needles
July 17 Drive to Williams, see Grand Canyon, overnight in Williams
July 18 Cowboy show, then on to Denise's house
July 19 Visit Denise and Andy
July 20 Say good bye to The Gutierrez then drive back to Needles or Barstow
July 21 parents...Home Sweet Home
July 22 mellow day
July 23 San Francisco for Jelly Belly Factory, Chinatown, Pier 39
July 24 Packing, Last minute whatevers, Birthday Cake?
July 25 Oscarville kids fly home happy
July 26... fly from sacramento to juneau
July 27-Aug 6... attend BASIC Arts Institute
Aug 7... fly from juneau to anchorage
((insert TBD hike somewhere with some people))
Aug 12... fly from anchorage to bethel
Aug 13 first day of work in oscarville
Aug 18 edgeumecating begins... first day with students

Oh... and Sept 11-15 I'm shooting to be back in CA for Michelle's wedding. :)

sounds simple enough, huh?


Ay'atang'aq said...

Hey, that last event is also my birthday :)

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Super sorry I didn't shout you out, since I am a giant flake, Kaleing it, is something that comes very naturally to me. Also, Erin has gotten a couple of Big Ups already so I didn't want to embarrass her. I should have given you two props for the warm welcome though. I'll make it up to you.


The Smacca said...

You are insane. You know I love you, but you are insane. That is one helluva schedule.

funky punk said...

Holy buckets, I think you have something new every day.

Deanna said...

gee, you've got a very busy summer

Deanna said...

gee! you've got a very busy summer. i'm sad i can't do the arts institute this summer with you guys. :( its lots of fun though. i hope you like it. there's lots of good people going this year.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit...I am stressed out and exhausted just reading your summer itinerary!!!! And wow, Michelle has a wedding date? Hmmm. News to me. ;-)