Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's myspace post (pasted here)

So, I am working on a real blog entry. One that addresses the Roxy situation and my current reasons for contemplation, etc.

But today I had a chat with a student. It was a quick reminder for why I do live, and love to work, here in Oscarville. Names have been edited of course. Here’s the set up... the High School boys basketball team in a neighboring village made it to State and left today for Anchorage. One of our high school boys here plays with their team and left today too.

Me: did you hear about the ball team? the HS boys? there was drama
Her: the high school boys? nope.
Me: you know how there is one senior? (name of senior boy from neighboring village)
Her: yeah
Me: he was caught drinking Friday night
Her: OMG... so hes not going?
Me: so the VPO (village peace officer--like local police here) stopped them on the way to the airport and told them he couldn’t go. It JUST happened. I can’t believe no one said anything earlier then when they were ON their way to the airport
Her: hmm... thats kind of... you know dumb. i never even heard
Me: TOTALLY dumb in my opinion
Her: hehe... yeah mine TOO
Me: it was his younger brother who got caught chewing earlier this year (and was not eligible for travel earlier this season). you would think he would be smart enough to AT LEAST wait until the season was over
Her: so they aren’t going? or what?
Me: no everyone went. but he came back with (name of teacher who drove players to the airport). the whole rest of the team went. just he had to come back.
Her: ooh i see now. so duh! lol
Me: yeah... what was he thinking?
Her: yup. i dunno. he just missed a chance to play AT STATE! you know?
Me: totally. big time
Her: lol
Me: now the teachers over there are kind of worried about him
Her: naklleng (Yup’ik word loosely means like... wow, that’s too bad)
Me: like what is going on in his life to make him make sure poor decisions, you know? like we hope he’s going to be okay. not more depressed, etc
Her: mmhm. yeah i get you

We ended the conversation shortly after that. But really. I ask you all. How great is it that my 13 year old student, all sorts of caught up in her own wanting to be popular and socially accepted by those older kids... just sort of... GETS IT? You know? I have no doubt at all that the boys on the team are all bitching and moaning about how mean it was of the VPO to "not let him go." And here... on the other side of the river. In a town of less than 100 people. We’ve got kids that just GET IT.

I promise the real post soon. :)

Okay okay okay

Okay... so I created this account ages ago.

And really, the only reason behind it was to post comments on others' blogs and to fill a day of assignments in my computers class in Nunap.

But here it sits. Poor neglected blogless blog spot.

So... rather than post my website comments, my preblog emails, and myspace musings... I'll just start from now.

Here now one will be able to read my post March 16, 2008 blog-like stuff.

Enjoy. If that's your sort of thing.

Or feel free to bash. You know... if that's your thing.

No judgment.